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"Caryl Jean Westergren's splendidly rich artistry will tease your senses and entice your mind. With her captivating use of vibrant colors and sensual textures, her paintings come alive before your eyes. One look at these inspiring pieces will have the art connoisseur and the novice alike entranced in a whole new world of charming." - by HP Phillips

Restoration and Conservations of the Arp Sculpture in New Orleans; it's other home is at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You are invited to see  Westergren's one-person art gallery exhibit at Indian River State College!

Gypsy Campfire Painting by Westergren Colorful Painting Tropical Sea Students Corner Tropical Birds Colorful Paintingcolorful

Colorful Gypsy Painting painting WaterfallMore elegant photos of Caryl Jean Westergren.Elegant photos Caryl

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